About A Guy.

I met this guy in a fine afternoon last September. There was only me and him that time, coming to a press conference held by one of NGOs in southern Jakarta. Only me from Bisnis Indonesia and him, from another local media (I prefer not to mention it). After press conference is over, we exchanged phone number. I believe this is just a routine, not only this time but I always collect another press’ numbers and of course my sources’ numbers. Then he saw me trying to get in the public transport, but he stopped me and offered me a ride back to my office. That time he didn’t bring two helmets, but he believes nothing bad would happen. So yeah, he drove me back to my office.

Nothing much happened in the road. I mean, we didn’t do lots of chit-chat, we just talked about the press conference a little bit. But not long after I reached my seat in my office and started to write the news, he sent me a message. He asked me what am I doing now, make sure whether I’m fine or not and remind me don’t forget to take lunch.


I really really don’t get it. That was exactly what I’m afraid of. I’m afraid he misunderstands when I was asking his number. Oh God. Then I replied with short sentence, thank you, I’m doing fine. Thanks.

I thought he will stop there. But he continue messages me, asking personal things. He tried to give his attention and care about me. And that was weird. I mean, we just only met ONCE, didn’t we? Then on 13th October, he really really surprised me with his message. He told me that he loves me, love at first sight. And he asked me whether I want to be his girlfriend or not.


One thing across my mind is, I should meet again with this guy as soon as possible. I want to clarify everything before this situation is going worst. I want to end this as soon as possible. When we finally met, there was happened conversations like these :

Me : “Did you just got your head crash? Are you drunk or something?.”

Him: “No. I’m serious when I said I love you. And I think we can be a couple forever and ever. And I can explain it.” (Oh-My-God. This is scary. He acts as if he proposes me to marry him)

Me: “Hey boy, we just met ONCE. Just ONCE, I repeat. And you said this is love at first sight? Oh come on. We don’t live in high school anymore. Grow up. I’m sorry, how old are you?.”

Him: “I’m 30 years old.” (Oh-My-God. I was shocked. I don’t believe what he says so I asked him to show his identity card/KTP. It stated that he was born in 1979, so he was lying; he is 31 to be exact. Through his KTP so I finally knew his full name and we have different faith in religion).

Then he told me about his failure in 7 years having relationship with someone, when he was a college student in Jogja. So therefore he believes that time is not really matter in having relationship. Now he believes I’m the one that he loves now and he really really mean it. But hello? Why does it have to be me?? So I asked him.

Me: “What are you looking for, from me?.”

Him: “If I search for money or even sex, I don’t come to you Ga.”

Oh-My-God. Seriously. That time I was really really scared. I decided to end this conversation.

So now, here I am, trying to get the moral story from what God has given to me. First, suddenly I feel so insecure living and working in Jakarta, as a journalist. The people (especially guys) surround me actually can be really really scary. I’ve been work for a year in Jakarta, and already found three guys (including this guy) from three different media, which fall in love with me. Those three guys are all above 30. I am confused. I mean, I love mature man. But why do they (these three guys) actually seem still immature for me? I mean, for that age, I expect they are more mature. And I’m still figuring out why I don’t like any of them. Why vega, why?!

The first guy has a nice motorbike and been nice driving me home. The second guy brought me a little souvenir far away from Rusia-just for me. The third guy has asked me to be his girlfriend, even we just met once. Oh-My-God. What a life.

Oh I almost forgot. The third guy got his bachelor in Jogja. His major is psychology. My mind keeps telling me for be careful with Jogja’s people. Sometimes we cannot predict what’s going on in their mind. I do believe they are gifted with brilliant ideas and lots of creativity but.. I don’t know. I hope this is only my prejudice.

And I swear to God, I won’t let myself get in his trap—his psychological trap.

Oh come on God. YOU already know my love life is so bored. I have miserable life because of it. Why can YOU just let me out from my ex’s shadows and let me fall in love again? For real? Even though my last relationship didn’t work but I won’t regret it because I really really appreciate my feelings towards him. I do believe in karma so I won’t make fun of love.

And here is my last words for the third guy : I am mad, dear boy. Yes I am mad. If you think you are trying to make fun of love, here I tell you that this is not funny at all.

[Jakarta. 17 Oktober 2010]

[01.48 am]


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