I think I know why I’m being so pathetic these days.

It’s because I need a break. I need holy holiday.


I realized this thing when I arrived home together with my Dad today. When I was in university, I used to enjoy my semester break after 4 months studying. I went back home after doing all exams and then going back again to Penang for continue my study. The circle is there. I mean, we all were studying, then facing exams, then enjoy holiday. The circle is repeated for almost 3 years.


And I think I still feel the same right now.


After 4 months working, I think I need a break. Watching movies in cinema, reading Perahu Kertas and even attending music concert are not enough. Now I realized why I never be happy lately. Please don’t get me wrong, I do LOVE my job. I really really LOVE it. I need a break not because I’m boring or whatsoever. It’s just.. this is it. Right now is the time when I should have a break. Like the circle I mentioned before.


That’s why I said earlier that I think I need a break—holy holiday. Get out from this routine in Jakarta and get away from Bogor also. Soon. So after that, I guarantee I’ll come back with full spirit for seeking the news. Same like I did before, I came back to Penang with full spirit for pursue my degree.


Oh God. Should I go to Medan again? Or maybe Penang? Haih.


[Bogor, 27 November 2009]

[01.48 am]


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