Jakarta kecolongan!


Indonesia kembali berduka. Hari ini, Jumat 17 Juli 2009, Jakarta kembali di-bom.

Tentunya masih segar di ingatan kita tentang serangkaian teror bom yang terjadi di negeri ini. Bali yang di-bom sampe dua kali. Kedubes (kedutaan besar) negara asing juga jadi sasaran. Bahkan hotel juga dijadikan sasaran. Dan kali ini, JW Marriot mengalaminya lagi untuk yang kedua kalinya.

Jakarta bener-bener kecolongan. Siapa yang sangka bahwa baru sembilan hari pasca Pilpres 8 Juli kemarin, situasi Jakarta yang kondusif dan aman-aman aja, tiba-tiba harus dikagetkan oleh dua buah bom yang meledak di Hotel JW Marriot dan Hotel The Ritz Carlton di kawasan Mega Kuningan, Jakarta Selatan; pagi-pagi pula! Jakarta bener-bener kecolongan. Polisi terlalu lengah dengan situasi yang tenang. Pengamanan The Ritz Carlton (yang dikabarkan akan digunakan pemain Manchester United menginap nanti) pun bisa dijebol begitu rupa. Akibat pengeboman ini, 9 orang dinyatakan meninggal dan 55 orang luka-luka.

Many foreigners got injured and this breaking news has spread all around the world. I read the news on Utusan, Malaysiakini and even on Yahoo. GOSH. Many foreigners are leaving Jakarta tonight. Manchester United canceled its game in Jakarta which scheduled just THREE DAYS from now. News said that this cancellation makes the officials suffer financial lost about 50billion rupiahs!! And one more important thing, I think moslems will be blame for this. AGAIN.

DAMN. Today is FRIDAY for God sake!

We as moslem believe that Friday is a good day. Many events were held on Friday for get His blessing. My mom was passed away on Friday anyway, and we hope that things were getting easy for her down there. Back to the bombing case, the idiots were committed suicide-bombed TODAY, which is FRIDAY. Oh God.. what the hell are you thinking?! Hope that God will bless u guys then u guys will get the access for entering heaven? FORGET IT. Me myself really CURSE your act!! And I’m sure u guys get curses from all people all around the world, not only Indonesians! EAT THAT idiots!

I’m wondering what the terrorist (the boss of this bombing case) is doing right now. Maybe now he’s staying somewhere in his own dark room on 15th floor with minimum lights. Windows are open then wind’s coming blow his dirty hair. Watching news on TV with a glass of vodka in his right hand and cigarette in his left hand. Then he’s showing his teeth and laughing all night long like Joker did.

[Bogor, 17 Juli 2009]

[10.30 pm]


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