Beauty, Pond’s ad and my bestfriend’s words.

Actually, I don’t wanna talk about this. But it kept goes around in my head.

Out of the blue, one of my best friend said this to me while waiting movie :

“Nowadays seems like a trend that guys dating girls who covering their head with veil.” I was shocked. Then she continued saying : “But it doesn’t mean they (girls with veil) are much better than us, rite?”. Then the next sentence is the most shocking ever : “Duuhh.. Gw ngga laku-laku nih.” (damn. I couldn’t translate it to english).

GOSH. Suddenly I said “ssshhhh.” (means like “shut your mouth, do not ever say that again). Then, not long after that I continued saying : “You know what, I don’t like Pond’s ad on TV. It annoys me. Outer beauty seems like ‘a must’ for attract guys”.

“Wajahmu mengalihkan duniaku”. What the hell?

As one of its costumer, actually I really feel disappointed with the ad. I’m using Ponds until now because the formula suits me well. Ponds doesn’t make me ‘jerawatan’ even it makes my face little bit oily. But I’m using it since senior high and I don’t wanna try another product. But the ad seems like trying to show that Ponds really can make your face shining and blushing so you can attract guys. Oh come on… Is that the purpose of every girl out there who using Ponds? Are they use Ponds not because the product, but just because they wanna look pretty so the guys will come over? Ohh pleaseeee…

Then Alexa and Afgan composed songs about ‘wajahmu mengalihkan duniaku’. Please stoooopppp. It really annoys me. A lot. Especially the videoclips.

Okay, back to my best friend’s words. Oh God… What happened to her? Why did she have an idea like that? Is it because she’s alone right now without anyone beside her; somebody that they called ‘boyfriend’?

Oh my God. I really want to scream out loud to her saying that every woman has her own beauty; including herself. I mean like… look at her. She already got a job right now. She can support herself now. She’s smart and she’s pretty. Maybe she’s not too confident with her lil bit-extra-body but come on… She’s already 22. It can’t be possible if she still not understand about something called ‘inner beauty’? Please read this for reference.

And I think guys got so many reasons to love girls, not only because she’s wearing veil. Ohhh. What a reason… I agree that girls with veil are a step forward than me. But it doesn’t lose my confidence. I’m proud of who I am today. And if one day I wanna wear veil, it’s not because I wanna attract guys. Oh pleeaasse.

Well, talking about guys, I know I’m not experts about ‘guys’. But, being the-one-and-only girl in family really made my mind wide open. I’m surrounded by 3 men in my house. My Dad. My big bro. And my lil bro. Like it or not, they influenced me a lot. And here are results. I fell in love with Beckham. I know that Ancelotti won’t coach Milan again. I can sing one of Box Car Racer’s songs. But I don’t really know how to make up my face. I don’t really know how to manage my hair. Or even dress nicely like other girls. But at least finally I know how to cook. Even I have to learn it by myself. But helloooo? This is not the point. The point is, I think I ‘know’ guys better than other girls do. Including what they’ve been thinking about girls, what are they like from girls and what ‘criteria’ they use to pick someone to be their girlfriend (and it’s not necessary because a veil).

Then suddenly I remembered my guy. I admit that he changed me. A little bit. He often made me ‘senyum-senyum sendiri’. Sometimes he made me cannot concentrate. But I won’t allow him change me into someone else. I won’t change myself into his ‘ideal girl’. I hope he can accept me the way I am. Sounds cliché but that is what I’m doing with him.

Sodara-sodara, this is why I really care about originality. Because it will shows your true colors in front of everyone. Be original, and everyone will start appreciate you. Raise your hand if you agree with me.

[Bogor, 14 Juni 2009]

[02.40 am]


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