About Feelings.

Well, it’s almost two weeks I didn’t meet him.

And I’m trying to do longer than that.

Hello there. Thank you for giving me such a feeling. Thank you for showing me what care is. What love is. What miss is. It’s been a long time for me who finally experienced those things again. And that was sweet. Thanks for allowing me ‘visited’ your life. Or maybe ‘visited’ your heart too.

What I know is, the only thing that real is my-original-feeling. And maybe his too. And I don’t regret it.

But guys, now you tell me. When you know you’re giving your full heart to someone, but finally you found out that he/she just giving you half; is it fair?

I must start realize that he’s not my Benjamin. Nor Mahesh.

Cmon, Ga. It’s over.

Once, once
Knew how to talk to you
Once, once
But not anymore..

–Once by Glen Hansard feat Marketa Irglova

[aman damai. 26 Februari 2009]

[05.03 am]

Ps : Ohhh God. I think I really need SPACE for myself. SOON.


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