Deeper Conversation.

…I’d love for you to take me to a deeper conversation
Only you can make me. (Yuna – Deeper Conversation)


It’s hard to believe that we finally did ‘deeper conversation’ that night. I can’t believe he finally asked that to me. I can’t believe what I heard that night. I can’t believe I said all those things to him.

But at least now I feel so relieved because I just try to be honest. And the truth is, I was being TOO HONEST. TOO STRAIGHTFORWARD.

Hey dude, you know what? This is totally wrong. You cannot simply say what you have told me that night. Because actually, It’s not THAT SIMPLE. I REALLY don’t know what am I suppose to do now.


Hopefully he won’t read this post. Even though I doubt that. Shit! How come he found and read my blog?

Haihh.. Ini semua gara-gara Faizal Tahir..

[aman damai. 24 Januari 2008]

[05.42 pm]

Ps : Oh God.. See? I’m being TOO HONEST now by writing this post..


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