Holiday’s Gallery.

Here are pictures from Sept 26 to Okt 6 when I was in Bogor. During my so-called-holiday, I hang out with my high school friends there. They were also came back from their ‘perantauan’. Plaza Ekalokasari, Jambu Dua, and Botani Square, all witnessed my reunion with them. Oooohhh. I missed them so much.

This is all because of Idul Fitri Celebration. My friend do realized that they just had little time to go back to Bogor. Same as me. But deep inside my heart says I have to go home. I don’t care if the time is limited. I have to come home in order to get over ‘Bang Toyib title’. Hahah.. Yeah, I already celebrated Idul Fitri twice in Malaysia. Now for the third time, I wanted to celebrate it at my own home, with my own family.

But guys, don’t expect Idul Fitri pictures here. That one later after this post. Hehe. Now let me put my friends’ pictures first. It’s all because all Idul Fitri’s picture was left at home. Damn!

Okay, here we go.

Introducing.. Me, myself and I. Halah! Let say this one is pre-picture before I show u guys my friends.

His name is Agung. He’s taking mechanical engineering in Universitas Diponegoro. Thanks gung for accompany me looking for Sheila on 7’s new CD in Disc Tarra. I hope ur girlfriend isn’t jealous. Hehe.

Trio GAF! Ahahahaha. From left-to-right : me, Nichi, and Wuri. Oooh.. I miss them soooo much. Nichi is taking medicine course in Universitas Indonesia while Wuri is taking elektro engineering in STT Telkom.

Nichi with Anggi. Anggi used to be our lovely boy. I mean, we all loooovvee spending time with him just to listen his made-by-his-own-jokes.

Now it’s my turn.

Me with Wuri. Nichi seems like more interested talking with Anggi rather than us. Hahah..

Introducing.. Nita. She’s taking civil engineering in Universitas Gajah Mada. It’s hard to meet up with her somewhere. We often cancel our gathering. I don’t know why. There’s always comes obstacles. Btw, we often meet with another friend of us, Syifa. But unfortunately I couldn’t contact her that day.

This is Fia. She’s a kindergarten’s teacher now. Wheww.. So sweet..

Love this pic!

Luv this pic too!

Hohohoo. I know I’m NARSIS. So what?? Ahahahahaha.

Okay, Ga. Enough.

Hmmmm. Now I must face the fact that I already in Penang now to continue my study here. Hppffhhh. Sorry if the pictures were not well taken because it used camera handphone; various from Nokia until Sony Ericsson.

See u soon in my next entry, everyone. Enjoy your weekend.

[aman damai. October 12 2008]

[01. 45 am]


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