Disconnected To The World.

Ya. I’ve been disconnected to the world since last Friday.

My laptop is broken. Actually not–broken. I don’t know whether it got baaad virus or something. Now I cannot ‘enter’ windows. Soon after I clicked the ON button, the sistem suddenly asked me for keep restart and restart. I’m sooooo fed up right now. I hate this situation. I’m not sooo familiar with this gadget things. I hate to realize that I incapable to resolve this problem. Oh Shit..

Then I asked my Dad (apalagii.. Beliaulah Guru segala Guru buat gw). He said I must re-install the system. And re-install means I have to put the DVD installer. In the other hand, my dvd-rom is broken since my practical on June. It couldn’t open anymore. I don’t know why. Last time my DVD stuck on it. Oh God.. I hate this situation.

Before I re-install the system, I have to replace my dvd-rom with the new one. Last time I checked in one store in Sungai Dua, the new dvd-rom cost about rm300-500. Gosssh.. Duit darimanaaaaaaa. And then the seller told me to buy external dvd-rom which cost rm288. YES, it is cheaper. But Helooooooo?? Once again, duit darimanaaaaaaaaa…

Now everytime I’m back to my room after class, I always wondering.. Okay, NOW WHAT? Honestly, I’m soooo jealous with my roommate who can always chatting and surfing and chatting and surfing.. Hahahahaa.. Even though I’m not exactly often doing that, but YES. I also doing those things when my laptop is okay and I connected to Internet 24hours. The most important thing is, it’s been a looong time I didn’t update my blog. Huhuhuuu.

Okay. Now what??

Sahur-check. Sleep 7 hours-check. Take shower-check. Wash clothes-check. Study-check. Exam-check. Gym-check. Class and tutorial-check. Buka puasa-masih lamaaaaaa.

Oh God.. Now I’m sooo frustrated. Where can I get the external DVD-ROM? Anyone who has it, just call or message me, please? I need it soon. VERY soon.


ps: Today has been a week since my laptop is broken. Ooooh. I miss my YM sooo much.. Okay, will write again soon.


[bilik Berita Kampus. 11 September 2008]

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