Same headlines, different papers.

Do u guys notice something?

Here are two newspapers on May 20 (Tuesday) issue.

Oh. They even have same pictures. But maybe just different time captured which not less then two seconds.

Oh look! There’s also another paper!

This paper is Kosmo! It’s not english papers, but what’s the different? See the headline? The picture? Even though it wasn’t placed on front page, but still not much different. Now let me show you the front page. Different little bit, but still the same issue.

Mmm. Enough about mainstream media. Let’s check another paper like..Malay Mail? Hey. Is it also mainstream media? But I saw few differences about how they managed the issue and they really have great taste choosing the headline. Take a look headline on front page below. And ow yeah. It’s still on the same day and the same issue. But Dr. Mahathir’s issue placed on insert picture on the extreme right. Malay Mail really different lah. The way they wrote the news. The way they putting an issue as headline. But unfortunately they still subscribe many news from Reuters, AP, AFP and even Bernama.

Well, at least there’s still a paper who judge RapidKL issue is still much more important than what Dr.Mahathir is doing. Cool!

[vista angkasa. 19 Juni 2008]

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