It’s been a looooong time since my last post. Oh God. What happened to you vega?? I can’t control myself anymore. I can’t focus to certain thing nowadays. Many things happened so fast.

Thomas and Uber Cup.

Champion winner.

American Idol.

Kongres PPI-M.

Sparkling Indonesia.

Petrol’s price going up.

Euro 2008.

Last semester result.

But..where are those writings?

Where those ideas gone?

What happened to my mood now?

I became such a lazy donkey started from two weeks ago.

Oh nope. It’s since last month! Damn!

Oh, C’mon.

You know you can be better than this.

I think Kuala Lumpur definitely did a great job affected myself since I put my footsteps into its road.

I can’t wait go back to Penang.

I miss my life there.


[BERNAMA’s office. June 8 2008]

[11.08 am]


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