You know NOTHING about me.

We just met once, didn’t we?

So please SHUT UP and STOP asking details about me.

That day I just want to ask you how to reach BERNAMA’s office.

I know you are a journalist.

But I HATE the way you asking me.

Seems like you were interviewing me.

Seems like you were the BEST journalist among others.

Seems like I am NOBODY in front of you.

Who the hell are you?

I stayed here for TWO YEARS.

It means I’m LONGER here than you do.

Don’t judge my lecturers like that.

Don’t judge my study like that.

Don’t judge my Dad like that.

Don’t lecture me like that.

You don’t even know where USM is.

You DON’T HAVE a clue, man.

And I don’t ask your opinion.

Just SHUT UP, will you?

Don’t you realize I really want to get out from your room VERY SOON yesterday?


[Tingkat 1 Wisma BERNAMA. ]

[16.55 pm]



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