Enough is enough. If u guys don’t really care about this event, FINE. Then I don’t wanna talk about it anymore. At least in this week. I thought this is our event. OURS. US. But maybe it’s just me, the one who over-excited. So please. If there’s anything u guys wanna ask me, forget it. WHATEVER, guys. I won’t answer. I don’t want to think about that bloody-damn-proposal.

I also have other things to do, don’t u get it?

It’s not only you who have to packing.

It’s not only you who still has exam.

It’s not only you who facing practical.

Peduli setan sama NIDJI.

Peduli setan sama HUJAN.

Peduli setan sama Visit Indonesia 2008.

[aman damai. 22 April 2008]

[09:09 pm]


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