…and that was a Very-Fast-Trip.

Guys, here some tips in case u really really want to make little trip to Thailand.

First. Make sure there is an event in the place you want to visit (remember? It is a very-fast-trip). So u will get the excitement more and the experience can never be repeated.

Second. Better u take a van rather than bus bcoz it will send u right to the hotel. And one important thing, make sure u won’t be seated in the back. Bcoz..oh my God. Seat in the veeerry back in a van is really annoying. It felt like sit in a roller-coaster. Every second u felt like jumping. Hop. Hop. Hop. And forget about trying to sleep. Trust me. And remember, u’ll be seat there for almost 4hours.

Third. Don’t be afraid about the cost. The price for a van is same as ticket price from Penang to KL. And the room’s price is quite ‘masuk akal’ since this is high season (u are going to an event, remember?)

Fourth. Better if u learned Thai Language little bit before u come there. (I mean like, simple language such as: where? left or right? how much does it cost? oops, sorry! helloo! thank you! good morning!) Coz believe me, most of Thailand people I met couldn’t speak English. (Even the police couldn’t speak English!) But thank god some of Thailand people can speak Malay. It helps me when ordering food and bargaining stuff.

Fifth. If u are a Moslem, do ask for HALAL sign every time u want to eat. It’s better for u to find Malay restaurant or something. I always wanted to try dim sum and stuff but..forget it. I thought that’s halal, but I was wrong.

Sixth. Prepare RM 2 every time u arrived to immigration Thailand. Coz when u give your passport to him, he will ask you for that. I don’t know what it is for. I asked him but he didn’t answer. I don’t know whether he didn’t listen or just pretend not listening. (or he didn’t understand my questions??)

Seventh. Don’t be afraid if u don’t have much Baht in your pocket. Bcoz some restaurants accept Ringgit. At least that is condition in Hat Yai. I don’t know condition in some other part in Thailand. And one important thing, money changer is around u. Don’t be afraid about it. The ‘sign of the kedai’ is pretty clear. U can always find it unless u forgot to bring your glasses.

Eight. Please ask for extension of switch to receptionist downstairs. U can never charging your handphone bcoz the ‘colokan’ is different unless u ask for the extension.

Nine. It’s better for u to looking after stuff rather than food for souvenirs. For myself, I don’t know (until now) what is special foods from Thailand (except TomYam, of course. And u don’t bring tom yam back to ur hometown, do u??). And yeah-I didn’t find any stuff better than T-SHIRT. Hahaha. But me myself couldn’t get my size so yeah-poor me. Lucky for my Dad and my brothers. (why they don’t produce S size?? Damn!)

Ten. Mmm. Now what? Oh yeah. Don’t forget to take picture below the signboard. I mean like, any-board. Because the alphabet is so unique and that makes an approval that u were in Thailand before. (even just one night!) Hehehehe.

Okay. I think that’s all. Enjoy your trip to Thailand! ;D

[btw, tomorrow is my LSP 403 test. so I practice writing here. ;D]

[aman damai. 15 april 2008]

[02:24 am]


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